Perfection is a series of sinless choices. 1) Absolute perfection: The only three who have Absolute perfection are God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit. 2) Nature perfection: At birth we recieved a sinful nature at the second coming we will recieve a sinless nature. There is no decision for us on this, God will take care of this. 3) Character Surrender: When we come to Jesus Christ, how much of our life do we give Him? Everything that we are aware of is what he asks from us to surrender. This is the only requirement for salvation, to surrender what we know and what we are aware of. He asks only one question, do you love Me with all your heart? Do you love Me with your time? Will you give back 1/7th as a token? Do you love Me with your money? Will you give back 1/10th as a token? We show our love in what we say, do and think. We show our love in the practical reality of our lives. If character surrender is working right, what will it lead to? 4) Character maturity: This small knowledge will grow